Brian and Jaime Parker are a family in missions serving with YWAM Colorado Springs – Strategic Frontiers.  They direct the Worship & Intercession department and have a heart to disciple and mentor the Millennial generation into missions, worship, prayer, and more importantly…life.

YWAM Colorado Springs – Strategic Frontiers trains new students every quarter that are beginning their journey in missions.  They have a dual focus, which includes reaching the city of Colorado Springs and reaching the unreached locations in the 10/40 Window with the gospel of Jesus.  Many of the training schools include sending students led by YWAM staff on outreaches overseas to countries including Turkey, Indonesia, Nepal, Cambodia and others.  Along with sending teams on short-term missions trips, YWAM Colorado Springs currently has over 120 missionaries living full-time in these nations who have a variety of different ministries.  These include the following:

  • Businesses that remove people from human trafficking and provide employment
  • Relief during natural disasters (such as the recent earth quake in Nepal), 
  • Creating training centers with instruction on evangelism, church planting, etc., which are designed for locals in their culture
  • Giving small loans for businesses in which they provide training by businessmen called by God into missions
  • Establishing a working greenhouse for aquaponics in Colorado Springs that is the model for building the same structures in similar climates located in the 10/40 Window – this will provide much needed food in small villages and sustainable income and employment as well

Brian and Jaime lead a Worship Course as a part of the Discipleship Training School (DTS).  The course includes worship topics on songwriting, media presentation, sound, and worship in other cultures, to name a few.  The students are also directly involved in helping lead worship and prayer meetings on the YWAM campus.

Once students finish the DTS they have the option to take an internship in the Worship & Intercession department.  These interns learn all of the behind-the-scenes functions of running the department and help lead worship for our campus worship & prayer meetings and any outside events that we host.  More importantly, this internship provides more opportunity to mentor young Millennials.

Brian and Jaime are also in the beginning stages of taking teams of musicians and intercessors into Colorado Springs.  They are working with local churches and Christian organizations in the city with the goal of building bridges in the body of Christ.  The long-term goal is to take teams of musicians and intercessors to nations in the 10/40 Window.  These teams will lead times of worship and prayer in strategic locations with the purpose of bringing down strongholds within the culture.  They also hope to train nationals from these nations using a worship and prayer strategy that is released in the culture and language of the locals.

Brian and Jaime have 3 children; Sam, Ben and Lukas.

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