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Revitalized is a collection of youth that are seeking the heart of God in order to be vessels on the earth. We are operating out of James 2:14-17, producing works out of our faith by using dance and drama to minister to the community. Our goal is to spread truth where the enemy is constantly spreading lies. We pray that through our ministry, everyone is able to find their true identity in Christ--the identity that we are saved, we are changed, and we are under the blood.

If you would like for us to come and minister at your location, feel free to reach out to us!



Resurrection blood

Song: Resurrection Blood by Cody Carnes

People get ready

Song: People Get Ready by Misty Edwards

Strike The ground

Song: Strike the Ground by Seth Yates

Throne room

Song: Throne Room by Kim Walker-Smith

Now Behold the Lamb (based on Chosen)

Song: Now Behold the Lamb by Kirk Franklin & The Family

It Only Gets Stronger

Song: It Only Gets Stronger by Jeremy Riddle